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Avantgarde has been a leading independent business communication agency in Hungary since 2003. We have proven that with our original and innovative style, business oriented attitude and performance we can help our clients to get the leading position in their respective markets.

Our strengths include the development of creative business communication strategies, as well as the ability to execute proposals with maximum care and precision. Among our clients there are multinational companies, local businesses and organizations that have one thing in common – they all work hard for success. We assist them in various ways:

Avantgarde is an attitude shared by a selected few. In a highly competitive economic and political environment, we regard this as the only path to long-term success. If you want to see and be seen in the Hungarian market, to stand and stay at the forefront, contact us.


Business Communication

The secret of a successful business is to earn people’s trust. In order to do that, it is essential to communicate its values and goals to the public, including business partners, consumers and employees.  A positive corporate image can be measured in euros saved on advertising spend and recruitment efforts.

Corporate communication can also be regarded as a preventive tool: when a company is facing a crisis situation, nurtured media relations often prove to be an invaluable asset in crisis management. 

As one of the leading PR agencies in Central and Eastern Europe, we offer solutions that not only have a perceptible effect on the business, but also bring results that can be measured in numbers. We formulate the messages and discover the topics that raise the attention of the media and generate positive coverage.

PR services

  • Business and communication strategy consultation
  • Industry and expert relations
  • Media relations management
  • Internal communication
  • Event organization
  • Crisis communication
  • Media trainings
  • CSR programs
  • B2B


Consumer Communication

A product or service can only be marketed if consumers know and like it, or at least are interested in it. PR solutions are cost-effective ways to introduce a product on the market or increase a brand’s popularity, besides or instead of paid advertisements.

We strive to incorporate out-of-the-box thinking into every step of brand building. To create branded content that engages, entertains and persuades your consumers. To involve the opinion leaders – celebrities, experts, bloggers/vloggers – in your marketing campaign. To make your brand a lovebrand.

PR services

  • Brand and product communications strategy
  • Expert and celebrity cooperation
  • Publicity stunts
  • Content creation
  • Media partnerships
  • Consumer research
  • Sponsorship
  • B2C


Avantgarde Digital

There is no communication without digital tools, and they are constantly increasing in number. In every minute, a new digital platform appears; a new social site is launched or a feature is updated. Some are intimidated by this constant changing of the digital world, but others are fascinated by it – and so are we!

We follow digital trends and figure out how to integrate them into business strategy. Everybody can post on social sites and leave comments, but it takes an expert to generate relevant content that users are interested in.

Digital services

  • Digital and social media strategy
  • Online reputation management
  • Social media management
  • Blogger/vlogger cooperation
  • Social media training
  • Social media crisis monitoring
  • Web and mobile development
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Online consumer research


Public Affairs

The Avantgarde Public Affairs model is the vanguard of representing business and political interests based on the understanding of the social, media, legal and political scene. We represent issues with significant potential media capital that can be converted into political capital, irrespective of prevailing political ideologies.

This is a highly specialized field of business communication that calls for professionals with unique skill sets. Analyzing legislation processes, establishing long-term stakeholder relations and engaging in political discussions require great knowledge and a good sense of diplomacy of PA consultants. Our colleagues have decades of experience as well as excellent connections in this field.

PA services

  • Civil relations
  • Government relations
  • Legislation monitoring
  • Public affairs strategy
  • Political issues management
  • Stakeholder forum
  • Crisis monitoring
  • CSR

Employer Branding

Finding and keeping talented professionals presents a great challenge for most businesses. Even the most attractive companies should be more aware of the corporate image and values they are presenting to their prospective employees. Companies with a strong employer brand spend 46% less on recruitment and the employee retention rate is 28% higher than at other firms.

Employer branding services

  • Building and strengthening employer brand
  • Defining EVP (employer value proposition)
  • Supporting recruitment activities
  • Employer branding in social media
  • Supporting corporate presence at recruitment events
  • Managing strategic cooperation with education organizations